Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sigma F80 FLAT TOP KABUKI brush

Hello my beauts! It's been a while but I'm back with a short review for you guys! 

Sigma says that the F80 flat top synthetic kabuki was designed to deliver a flawless makeup application.  It is a buffer brush that can be used to blend both powder and liquid products. Its short and dense bristles make it really easy to buff your liquid foundation, and since I got this I have pretty much abandoned both my MACs 190+187, which are also much pricier! The long handle of the brush adds comfort to your makeup application and its synthetic fibers are ideal to be used with liquid products as they can be easily cleaned. Love.

It is so dense that if you let it stand on its own bristles it stays put!

Not shedding at all / Ideal for buffing + airbrush effect / Reasonable price

This was not purchased by me, I won it in a giveaway held by elly belly baybe's blog    that is well worth a visit! A trully versatile blog! Next time I have the urge to buy a new MAC brush, I will make sure I have done my research on the equivalent one from Sigma first! 

Have you tried the F80? What's your take on it? Am I the only one that has ''got over'' her MAC brushes?

ps. Happy New Year to ya'all!x