Thursday, 28 July 2011

Illamasqua Born Again and Make Up Artistry

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The full uncut edit of Illamasqua's latest film ' Born Again', starring BAFTA Winner Vicky McClure.
Film synopsis: Set in the middle of no-where-in-particular and at no specific time, 'Born Again' tells the story of a beautiful young woman on a journey that will define who she will be for the rest of her life.The young woman is at odds with the world - tense and on edge - she chases the sun in the hope she will find peace in its setting. We see it in her vibrantly coloured eyes , and read it on her vividly painted lips -- how this search for her true self has taken her to the edge of reason and sanity and ended in the ultimate act of sacrifice and commitment..

 I think this is beautifully shot and scored..dark and unshamedly epic!  When I first watched it, I really wanted to see what this 'ultimate act of sacrifice and commitment' would be.. I am a huge fan of Illamasqua make up and have managed to put my hands on and tried a couple of their products myself.  Illamasqua, as a brand , promotes itself as make up for your alter ego.  I first heard of it through the Pixiwoos and upon exlporing it, it really struck me as more of an artistic approach to make up..almost theatrical..and thus I was sold!  If you just browse their promotional images on their site/blog you'll find pictures of vampires, gypsy queens, get the point! It's all very artistic.. to me at least!

  They also seem to really favour the whole androgynous look..  as you can see in the video above.  Still, some people think that they might be alienating a large amount of buyers ,who just think Illamasqua is far too extreme for them. Do you ever get intimidated by brands that seem too..artistic? I guess Illamasqua is trying to bring in a wider audience, though will they achieve that through 'dark' films with suicide themes? What's your take on this?x


  1. Not so colourful, bohemian inspired kind of make up but the edgy, extraordinary combinations that look so chic, glamorous and rocking!!!! It's an inspiration for me although I don't own any of their product

  2. I also find Illamasqua such an inspiration..I totally agree on the 'edgy, extraordinary combinations that look so chic, glamorous and rocking' part!x

  3. I've never tried Illamasqua but I think that it's one of the few companies that stands out for its creative spirit...I like the dark concept of its products and of the packaging...i wish someday we could find them here in Greece!

  4. Yeah..that's how I see Illamasqua too..creative and dark! When I first got interested in this brand, I thoroughly explored their site only to find their shipping fees quite expensive..Fortunately, I have a friend that lives in the UK and I asked him to bring me 2 products that I really wanted to try. It's a relatively new company though, so who knows..if it gets really big we might be lucky and have it in Greece someday!x

  5. so happy I found your blog. I am always looking for some good make up brands and tips/ideas! yayyyy!

  6. Thank you! I'm happy I found your blog too! Your latest posts on why you love history so much and of course those two little clips from your wedding day were amazing! I'm looking forward to your next posts! Thank you for stopping by!x

  7. Hi! ti kanis?
    I just replied to your comment on my blog (so late!) and I accidentally deleted all the comments because I uninstalled something from my blog. :DD So, here's my reply : *blushes*

    Hello!!!! I'm so glad you agree and thanks for commenting and telling me your opinion! Yes, I have also developed an "aversion" towards magazines, the past year.. haha so weird.

    I understand your concern about feeling heard and being discovered by others. Don't worry, you WILL be discovered (as long as you are active in some way in the blog-osphere, commenting, making friends etc.), we all have to start from somewhere I guess and we start small. :) But with the help of friends, we can get bigger and greater. :) But it's so fun, just write what you want, what interests you and the rest will follow, really.

    Good luck with your blog, too!
    and when I get a new comment, that's exactly how I feel, ultimately I feel heard! :))

  8. Hi Denise! Your post was sooo interesting, especially for newbies like us, cause you pretty much mentioned everything I'd say in a similar post of mine. I'm glad other people seem to think the same way as I do. I'll pop by your blog to explore it a bit more!x