Thursday, 15 September 2011

Somebody is back, alive and kicking!

Will sorry ever be enough? I haven't blogged for a month and a half...which in blogging time is like forever! I am really sorry guys for not keeping up with you, I was away holidaying and having some family time during August. I came back home in September and since then I've been trying to pull myself together and get ready for Fall. Well, schools started on Monday, and that kind of helped me get back on track cause I'm a teacher..if I don't get it together, none of my students will! I had an amazing time this summer, I visited one of the Greek islands, Skyros,where I enjoyed the sun and the sea..
What a view...
Crystal clear..
Skyros is a quiet place to be. It's one of those islands where heavy partying is probably not one of the things to do.. You can spend your days at the beach and at nights you can just chill at cosy little cafes and bars. That was pretty much what I did while I was there..Really recommend it if you're looking for some relaxation time! Finally, August was birthday time for me! I'm not really one to celebrate birthdays or throwing big parties, I get all shy and coy. Still, my boyfriend surprised me on the day, and presented me with these..
The number of roses signifies the years we've been together :)
So do you like celebrating your birthday or do you go a little bit  ''mehh''? Did you visit any places this summer that you'd like to recommend? It could be anywhere...I'm all ears! Ok guys, I promise next time I blog...will be sooner than this one..x


  1. I don't really care for birthdays if they are mine. My nephews' birthdays are always a blast. The oldest turned 6 today. :D

  2. Well, happy birthday to your nephew then!I just saw your Naked Palette post..I'm sure you're super excited about it!x

  3. I love going out with friend in my birthdays!! :)

  4. An exw tous agapimenous mazi, m'aresei na ta giortazw! Me kali parea omws, tipota fantasmagoriko.
    Ti apisteuta omorfi pou fainetai i Skyros...
    Ante, kali xronia me ta mathitoudia sou :)

  5. @Claire: I'm glad you do! I just read your Jennifer Lopez much more beautiful can this woman be??x

    @Y: Κι εγώ αυτά τα φαντασμαγορικά δε μπορώ.. όπως είπες καλή παρέα! Η Σκύρος πάντως σα νησάκι αξίζει να την επισκεπτεις..ας ξεκολλήσουμε και λίγο από Μύκονο/Πάρο και τα συναφή..
    σ΄ευχαριστώ.. καλό φθινόπωρο και σε σένα!

  6. It is always good some blog dettox! Skyros look so beautyfull and is the kind of island that I enjoy most! Happy Birthday Meli Meli pastry shop is my favorite one when I visit I leave at least 20 euros!

  7. Thank you Demi! Meli Meli rules! Love it too!x